Billing to Property


What is "Bill to Property"?

If you are a Poolsure customer with an active agreement with us for chemical delivery services, you have the option of choosing "Bill to Property" at checkout.

This option will allow you to order any items without immediate payment. We will bill your account for payment upon order fulfillment.


How can I choose "Bill to Property"?

At checkout, "Bill to Property" can be chosen as a payment method in lieu of providing credit or debit card payment information.

Step 1:
First, if you are issuing a purchase order, please provide the PO# in the Cart page before checkout. Otherwise, you can skip this step. See screenshot below:
Cart page instructions
Step 2:
On the Checkout page, select "Bill to Property":
Checkout page instructions

That's it! Please call or email us if you have any other questions about billing to your property's Poolsure account.